• Pinions Pet Foods has been owned by the same family since the 1980s. Some of our staff have been with us for many years, giving us the feel of a family run business. We are a large independent pet food and accessories shop where we always have 1000ʼs of products in stock. We pride ourselves on the range of food and accessories we carry in stock and our good customer service. We are very aware that customer satisfaction is of up most importance and always try our best to achieve this.

  • Our store has plenty of free parking right outside to make your visit to us easy and convenient. We offer a carry out service, so you do not need to worry about the size or weight of your in-store purchase. We also offer a local delivery service, and we have call and collect facility. We are proud to have fantastic Facebook and Google reviews from our customers.

  • Dogs

    If you are looking for excellent quality dog food at affordable prices, we have lots to choose from. We sell our own brand of super premium dog food and grain-free recipes, suitable for all life stages made for us by a leading pet food manufacturer. We have a wide selection of toys, beds treats, including a vast range of 100% natural healthy ones. We also have flea treatments, wormers, shampoos, and grooming products.

  • Cage & Aviary Birds

    We have for sale over 30 different mixes and straights including millet sprays and cuttlefish suitable for all types of caged and aviary birds. From budgies, canaries, finches, to cockatiels, parrots, and waxbills we have a mixture they are sure to love. Along with all the foods we have lots of treats and toys to keep them happy and entertained and help to avoid boredom. Also, we have medicines and grits to keep the birds healthy.

  • Cats

    We carry in stock a wide range of cat & kitten foods and treats, and we sell our own super premium cat food made by one of the country’s leading manufacturers. We stock a varied range of wet diets too. We also sell many bright interesting catnip filled toys to help keep them healthy and happy. Medicines that we stock include flea treatments, wormers, and hairball treatments, not to mention we also sell many types of cat litters.

  • Pond Fish

    For pond fish including goldfish and koi carp we sell floating and sinking diets. In either pellet form, stick form or mixtures of both, these also come in several different size sticks or pellets. Some of the diets are high in protein for superior growth, and some are high in colour enhancing ingredients. We also sell flaked fish food. In the colder months where fish do not always surface for food, we sell wheatgerm mixes to help them through the wintertime. All food is available in lesser amounts for those who only have a few fish to bulk sack for the keen fish enthusiast.

  • Wild Birds

    We like to think we are one of the best wild bird food and accessory suppliers in Kents. We have 25+ different mixes and straights to feed the garden birds, we have mixes that are wheat-free, no mess no grow formulas, and ones that are great for summer months. We stock peanuts, mealworms, calciworms, mixed suet pellets and have mixtures that are high in energy. We also have suet cakes, fat balls suet logs and filled coconuts. Not forgetting we have many types of feeders and nesting boxes.

  • Small Animals & Reptiles

    In store, we sell healthy mixes and pellet foods for your smaller furry friends, including all life stages of rabbit food, guinea pig diets, food for hamsters, rats, degus, and ferrets to name just a few. Along with the foods we have a good range of accessories such as bowls, bottles and lots of tasty treats and toys. We also stock quality local hay, straw and shaving for the bedding, and natural herby hays for extra nutrition. For your reptiles, we have weekly fresh deliveries of live and frozen foods, bowls, substrates, hides and lighting products. If your reptile does not like live foods, we offer a range of dried diets too. For tortoises, we have dried foods, supplements, and tasty snacks.