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Mikki Walk Ease Headcollar For Dogs (Large)

Mikki Walk Ease Headcollar For Dogs (Large)

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The Mikki Walk-Ease Headcollar will help you teach your dog to walk nicely beside you without pulling and enable you to keep control in a kind and gentle way.

It has been made with great attention to detail with top quality materials to ensure the comfort of your dog, also it has been highly tested on a wide variety of breeds and dog sizes.

Kind control to stop and prevent your dog from pulling.

The Easy-Steer System allows enhanced control of the direction you want to go in.

It has a safe and secure fit that attaches to your dog's own collar.

It is comfortable fit with a padded nose band and fully adjustable head strip.

Comes with a training guide written by a top pet behaviourist.

Large size typically fits breeds such as Doberman, GSD, Labradors and Retrievers. 

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